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Best day ever! Okay, so since I got here and relationships were few and far between, I’ve just wanted to be invited to someone’s house and just sit around and be lazy with them and just hang out, instead of everyone coming to my house and hanging out. Now sometimes we do house visits with people in the community, but what I’m talking about is different, like where someone says, “Hey, were going this guys house, you wanna come?” Just random and legit.

So the other day Majabane and I were chattin’ and he told me that he had just gotten back from Velli’s house, Velli is the goal keeper on the soccer team, and they were watching music videos and soccer and ruby all day long on a TV. Velli’s roommate has a high paying job… But Majabane was like, “I wanted to call you and see if you could come over but I ran out of minutes on my phone, but I’m going back tomorrow. I was wondering if you wanted to come with.” So the next morning we jumped in the back of a guys truck who picked us up on the road and headed to the rail road tracks where we got dropped off. Then we walked for a few miles along the tracks and Majabane and I just talked to whole time, he and I don’t have a problem with opening up with one another, we talked about his girl drama which I really shouldn’t post on here, so that was cool. We always have “Man Talks” as we call them. We got to Velli’s house, plopped on the couches (couches are very rare, like I said, Velli’s roommate has a well paying job) and watched TV, ate some butter sandwiches, and fell asleep, just like any other boring day back home, but this boring day was the best I’ve had in all of Swaziland.

Jess, some of the kids, and I knifed a 3 foot long spitting cobra to death. I crushed its head with my heel right before it died. I just thought that was pretty cool.