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In Mexico, during a time of solitude, God spoke this over my life. I want to share this with you. I hope that it will give a picture of what He is doing within me. It’s crazy to read this and see the scripture in it, and keep in mind that this is God speaking to my heart, and He knows the best way I understand him. So some things are going to either not make sense, or seem to have a different than what He actually meant.

Instead let there be a flood of justice. An endless precision of righteous living. Instead of a show. I hate all your shows.

You need to love everyone like you love yourself, like you love your best friends, like you love your favorite people, but don’t keep shallow relationships. Root yourself and invest into people’s lives. Bryan, bring peace and joy through me. Smile. I’ve created you and now it’s your time to fulfill the plan I have for you. You have to go all in with all your strength and don’t slow up when it gets tough or boring and you just don’t wanna do it. Bryan, DON’T BELIEVE LIES! And you won’t get burnt out with what I’m doing with you. I am your God. I am your love. I am your life. I love you and I know you love me, that’s why I have chosen you. Now go Bryan and liberate the people of Swaziland and Africa through me. Show them their God. Show them the truth, show them what life actually is and life to the fullest. You have to love me. You have to feast on me. Dive in on my Word. Seek after me more than you’ve ever before and really do it! Don’t say you will and be pumped up that I am giving you this charge and then slip back into your old life. Bryan this is a new life I have given you. You have been washed clean, there is no dirty background for you to go back on. That has been wiped clean and from now on you are My new creation, an infant with only righteous living ahead. I am going to use you Bryan, but I need you to obey me with this and do it to the fullest. Always have your Bible and read into the word. Grow in knowledge and you will grow in me. EAT! No more milk but real food. Meat. Don’t fall short of who you’re becoming to be. The man I’m making you into. Keep me above all else and keep me above all else in others as well. I want you to show the world a new side of me. A new way of life, a new way of my love that people have forgotten. Uncover Me that has been lost and covered up, bring It out of people’s hearts and wipe the dirt out of their eyes so they can see and know Me. Know my love and joy. I hurt that this has fallen out of peoples mind, and I burn for them to know this, I love them, and I don’t want to see this oppression continue anymore. Bring them out into freedom. Show them who I really am. Tell them about my Son and explain to them in detail of what it means for Me to be with them and them to be with Me. Out of the bondage and into My light, out of their sorrow and into My might. Bryan restore my people. Pray for them as often as you can and don’t hesitate to do so. Believe in me and that I can do all things and when you pray, be speaking from your heart, that burning desire of what you really want. Bryan, I love you and you are pleasing me. You make me laugh and smile. Feed my sheep, guide my sheep, find the sheep that are lost. And make them all into shepherd to guide more sheep and to find the lost. Give news about my grace and mercy and that they are not condemned to hell and that they are worth something. Be yourself, who I have created you to be and you will see joy and happiness. I give you strength, so use it. You can do all things through me. Learn my ways and what I’ve let humanity know of me. Speak of that to them, and you too will learn and grow. I will take care of you. Protect your sisters and be courageous. You have a brave heart and let that lead you by listening to Me. Be a servant. Don’t worry about people not liking you and trying to make yourself tailor to them because then you will be a no body in their minds. So be you in every interaction and situation and you will make an impression and statement in their minds and then will be able to tell them my love. Don’t let language barrier get in the way and don’t worry about offending people because you won’t. I give these things for the reason I have created you and I am pleased you are listening. Be thankful to the ones around you and who are helping you and teaching you because I have called them to do so. Accept peoples love and let them serve you. They love you. Don’t be sarcastic and always encourage and build up others. Don’t be fearful because that is not you. Listen to me in whatever you do and in whatever you do let that be worship to me. Accept the plans I have given you and you will do many things, but if you don’t listen to me, you will do nothing. Don’t compare and judge because you will be judged as well. Your past history and the way you were before is gone and there is nothing there to live from. I am the vine and you are the branches, remain in me and I will nourish your growth. Find my lost sheep and fish for my men. You have done these things and you are now living. I tell this to you because I love you and I know you and I know you will do them. Now go Bryan. Go and don’t look back to what is behind but always keep your eyes on what is now and press hard. I have grown you and am growing you. You will do much things through Christ. It is your time now that I’ve matured you. Be humble and do not boast but only if it is in me and only boast in me if it will encourage others but not to make them feel like they are not doing will and are nothing. You keep looking for a way out but there is no way out. This is your life and what I’ve called you to. People are going to try to get in your way and slow you down without knowing so, and don’t let them. Love them and care for them and pray over them but don’t let them distract you and keep you from what I’m doing because I will take care of them. I am your guardian and guardian of all so take refuge in me. Trust me. Surrender yourself always and know that none of this is “you,” none of this is your flesh but it is Me through you. It is Me.