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Johnny Apple Seed

It's been a while since I started playing soccer/ football here and but more importantly telling the soccer guys about Jesus. Either Jon or I speak to them every Wednesday after practice. When I first … Read more about Johnny Apple Seed

Mbesuma’s Story

I first started playing soccer with the guys who I was going to be witnessing to while in Swaziland. There are about 28 men who come to training so getting to know names and faces was tough and really … Read more about Mbesuma’s Story

Soccer Match

Last Saturday was my first soccer game. I started in the first 11 and played the whole game. It was pretty sweet. I play right winger or forward or position number 7, however you like to call it. I … Read more about Soccer Match

Mr. Fart

 Swazi's don't usually fart. I like to fart. It's a great ministry tool... I've now, against my own will, adopted a Swazi name: "Ma Suta." It means Mr. Fart! They think it's hilarious. Oh, … Read more about Mr. Fart