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This story has potential to be hard to tell/understand without the foreknown knowledge that I have but am not going to tell you because it will just be too long of a blog and just too much to get into, but I’m gonna try to briefly hit the background stuff so you can understand the important part of the story. This is just a cool experience of our King Jesus.

So there has been some spiritual warfare or spiritual activity or however you want to call it while in Mexico and in Swaziland. There was an incident where I was physically attacked at night and woke up to find that my attacker was not physical at all, but I was still left with pain full wounds on my body. Then some real heavy nightly attacks from a messenger of Satan who was sent to torment us followed that and left us drained. Then following that, Bhekumusa was sleeping in my room one night when I was sleeping when I got attacked and yeah well he got attacked too, the same way I did. He woke up and we prayed for him and he went back to sleep and when the spirit came back he fought it away with the fire and power that Jesus had given him to defeat his enemy from our prayers. Okay, so that more or less briefly sums up what you need to know.

While in Mexico, God had shown me that he has given me the spiritual gift of discernment between spirits. So now in Swaziland God has moved to mature this gift in me with the more I have been experiencing the spiritual world. So here is the story…

After our soccer match I came home, absolutely pooped, and I dropped on my bed, grabbed the guitar and started jammin’ just playing some good chord progressions. One of the infamous Swazi thunderstorms was going hard right on top of our house and as I was playing the power went out and the lights off. Satan loves to use the darkness as a tool for fear, which he has tried to many times before and I can’t explain how I know but with this gift that God has given me I just knew that some sort of spiritual darkness was trying to entice fear with our home, again. I could feel that the spirit was weaker than before or at least it was a weaker spirit. I’m pretty sure that there is a tomb from some witchdoctor, or a very powerful man who was involved with the occult, that is under our house. After talking to Bhekumusa about his experience and mine and just what he knows about all that crazy stuff and just from experiences and talking to other people, I just think that that is the case. So I’m playing guitar, I’m really tired (my flesh is weak), the power is out, and I sense this evil presence behind me, where the physical attacks have happened before and so I worship. I just sing in the Spirit, praising Jesus from anything that I feel on my heart. I’m praising Him for his holiness and He is the reigning King overall and I’m just singing with what the Holy Spirit puts on my heart. I feel the presence weaken and then the lights come back on. So I just keep playing again, the normal stuff with no singing for a few more minutes. The lights go out again and I knew that the devil will try to come back, and it did. So, I start worshipping Jesus again, and after about 30 seconds the lights come back on. This happened about three more times, the lights going off and the oppressor tries to settle in and I just joyfully and deeply worshipped Jesus, just singing from what I felt on my heart, and just like Jesus doing what he does best, He saves me from the darkness.

I know this was brief and not too detailed, but that’s just because it’s hard to tell and it’s just one of those things better told by my mouth you know? One thing I really learned in Mexico was the authority that we have through Jesus spirit and the power that it brings, as long as you have faith and are willing.

3 responses to “Ride the Moon Down”

  1. way to go Bryan – atta boy! this is the way to tackle these situations – overcome! Ephesians says this: when you have done everything: STAND!

  2. Wow, that gave me chills reading it! I’m inspired to see how you recognized the spiritual warfare and fought back with your armor of God on!