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Here is a blog my teammate Katie wrote. We are all really looking forward to this event and would be so blessed by any support you could give us!

To close out our time in here in Nsoko, we want to have a big event, an anti HIV/AIDS campaign tentatively on May 1st. The theme will be “Protect me from HIV, Ngilikusasa” (or I am the future). It will be an event mainly for children, similar to old elementary school style field days, with Swazi flair. There will be races and games for the kids. A puppet show and drama will prepared in advance to teach the kids about the ways they can avoid HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves. We are hoping to have four different care points coming together to take part in the event, about 400 kids in all. We are also hoping to buy a cow for the community and have a feast that night.

Unfortunately this all requires money. All of us on the team are asking our sponsors, friends and families for a little bit more to be able to host this event. We need to raise about $500 (that’s US dollars) to pull this off. The money will go to transporting the kids to and from the center, food, and other supplies. I know some of you told me that you didn’t have money to give to me before I left but that if needs came up along the way to let you know…well I’m letting you know.

This leaves each me individually to raise about $100. Because this needs to happen fast (the event is less than a month away!) we are choosing not to fundraise through AIM and therefore nothing that you give will be tax deductible, sorry! If you want to help, please either give my parents money (at church or if you see them sometime) or mail a check (made out to either me or my parents) to my home address –

230 Antlers Trail  

Leander, TX 78641

Even $5 will help tremendously. If you are in Texas Wesley, contact Sarah Jenkins. She has agreed to collect money for me there and will then mail a check to my parents on April 23rd.

Thank you all so much for all of your support!

Katie Graves

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