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I’ve told you about, Mapile, one of my best friends here in Swaziland. Well his younger brother, Menzi, who I am friends with as well came to me one night asking for help. Here is his problem… Menzi who is 18 years old, and Mapile live with their gran, Agnes. Agnes also has 11 people living in her house as well. I consider Agnes my Swazi mother. But Menzi never sleeps at home and he is having trouble studying. This makes sense that he never sleeps at home because Mapile is always sleeping over at our house every night. Menzi doesn’t sleep at home because he has a lot of friends who beg their mom if they can have a sleep over, Menzi doesn’t sleep at home because there is no room. And because there is no room and too much going on, he can’t study for school and do his homework. So he came to me one night asking if I can help him in anyway. Here is what he needs help with. Menzi needs to build a house. He told me, just a one room, just so I have a place to stay and to study. He is going to build the house out of rock and concrete, and it’s just going to a simple formation. He only has R250 ($33 American) and that is to pay for the donkey to get the rocks from up the mountain but he has no money for the other supplies needed. Now Menzi is the kind of guy that never asks for anything. He just proud like that, he wouldn’t have come to me if this wasn’t an important thing for him, and something he needs. What asks if I could help contribute, not even pay for it all, which is unusual because everyone usually just tries to milk us for everything we have you know. But I calculated the cost for the cement and its R680 so that translates to $92 green ones. Basically that’s only a total of $125 to build a house! So I am asking for support from you to help me out with helping Menzi by building him a house. Here is what you can do: write a check for any amount and then mail it to this address- 3334 Forest View Dr. Union, KY 41091. My parents will then put it on my card that I am using here in Swazi, and they will let me know the limit I have to spend so then I’m not doing money fraud. I know this seems sketchy so if you don’t feel comfortable than that’s fine, but this is the only way this can happen. I’m sorry about that. I have no more money to pay for this, I’ve spent most of it all paying for kids transport money to go to school, to buying their school uniforms, to paying for school feels and taking people to the clinic, and to buying food for families, etc… This would really mean a lot to all of us out here, seriously, this is a house for someone. Thank you.

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