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Mr. Fart

 Swazi’s don’t usually fart. I like to fart. It’s a great ministry tool… I’ve now, against my own will, adopted a Swazi name: “Ma Suta.” It means Mr. Fart! They think it’s hilarious. Oh, the sacrifices to follow Jesus…

Wet Feet, Soggy Faith

Where we’ve been staying in South Africa for Debrief, there is a pool. One day my good buddy Garrett were swiming and acted really dumb and jumping around and all the jazz. After quite a bit of not purposely trying to make…

The Big Swing

Debrief, marking the halfway mark of my time in Swaziland. Debrief is exactly what the name is. My team and the other Novas team in South Africa met up with some Adventures In Missions leaders. Debreif is like a greiving…