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Lets Put Another Shrimp on the Barbey

So last Sunday, we had schedualed an exhibition game with another team. It wasnt a league game but you still play for keep if you know what I mean. I played in the first eleven on the pitch again. We played at our field, which is dirt and awesome. But anyways, a few minutes into the match, I scored. First goal of the game and first for me too. I was playing top man, or middle foreword, so i was in all the heat of the action.
Begumusa made a sweet cross on the run and I plowed my way into a few guys and threw my foot out at the ball as the keeper was chargin out after it and i put it up in the upper left corner. Everyone came running out to me and the crowd got pretty loud. Its been the anticipation of the team and fans for when i score a goal, so it was pretty exciting for them I guess. I thought i was pretty cool too.
Im used to American sports, where you play hard first and when someone plays hard you play harder. By playing hard I mean playing rough. Well, this dude fouled the crap our of me when I had a break and was dribbling and gonna get a shot off and he kicks my legs and i go flying though the air and intot he dirt. Well the ref didn’t call anything so I got natually pissed and the intensity went up. So the next guy on the other team who got the ball near when, well he was soon on the ground after I made a slide tackle “after the ball” and a few guys down the road i kicked their feet out from under them. The next goal we scored was because I got tripped and when i was on the grouund under the pile of 5 to 6 men kicking at the ball all around my body, and I used my legs to keep one of the guys from using his legs and basically took him to the ground with me, causing the ball the pop out right infront of their goal next to my player. Im tellin you this, well one because i think its kind of funny but also because i didnt really realize later that i couldnt have looked to Christ like. “Dont go revenging,” Majabane told me. Ha, I was just playing hard like they were, not revenging. But regardless, I should have had some insight on this and denied myself and my rough playing. I’ve been ministering to these guys and there I am getting caught up in my adrenaline and competetive spirit and totally making an idiot of what I’ve been proclaiming to this community. Thankfully, all t he players thought it was funny when I was taking the opponents out, but still, my bad.